The old Gipsmühle building in Lauffohr

The Aare is the longest river that exists entirely within Switzerland. It is 288 km (183 miles) long and has a water volume rate of 590 m³/s (source: Wikipedia).

Today a closer view of the building I pointed out yesterday. It used to be a gypsum mill but is now an apartment building. The architects offices can be seen more easily in this photo. The long building in the middle is currently being renovated. Parts of the scaffolding and bare bricks are visible.

Other views of the mill have appeared on this blog:
20080224 The mill seen from the bridge
20090213 Framed II
20090214 The mill and the bridge



Abe Lincoln said...

I really like the way you present your photographs. So classy.

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you for your exellent job to present our area.
The long buliding in front has not a less interesting history as the gips mill. In the early days it was the Restaurant Sternen in Lauffohr. Then it became a Post office, and now it is remodelled to a 4 family house. The bare bricks are replacing the old wall of the barn for the horses at this time.

m_m said...

I love this series of the aerial photos of Villingen! All of them are great and they give us a superb view on your town and its nearest area!
Really awesome work. Congrats!

Z said...

Abe: I'm happy to hear that it appeals. Thank you!

Anon: It really pleases me to read comments such as yours from my neighbors. And even more interesting is to get information about the history and plans and so on. Thank you! I hope you'll visit and comment regularly.

m_m: It's a real treat to have accessible hills around so that I can present the "poor-man's" aerial photos. Thanks for your kind comment!