Spring in Mandach

Many of the fruit trees are in bloom at the moment. I find the village of Mandach particularly pretty this time of year.


Lamenting the end of the SBB split-flap displays

(I'm trying to revive this blog once again, let's see how it goes.)

The SBB has been modernizing and one of the casualties is the old split-flip display (Wikipedia). I do not like the new digital ones as they are ugly, difficult to read and contain less information. I am not alone: KTipp editorial comment from 25 Feb 2015

Even the SBB admits that the situation is not optimal.

Please bring back the old displays until the digital ones are of better quality.


79. Simply wisteria

This plant does very well in these parts. This specimen is in Brugg.


78. Window display at Musik Hug

The display this time alludes to their repair and restoration workshop.


77. Ganymede on Lake Zurich

This has been done many, many times, but it still captures me.


75. Greetings

At the entrance to a house in the village where they advertise Thai massage.