Week 6: Graupel on my window sill

We got some of this form of precipitation a few days ago. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, graupel is defined as small particles of snow with a fragile crust of ice.

Sounds like something out of modernist cuisine.

Have you met graupel?


Week 5: Winter sports

We haven't had much in the way of snow this January, just lots of rain. On the one day that it did snow, the neighborhood kids wasted no time taking advantage of it.


Week 4: Six hours to Zürich

Back in 2007 I wrote about this Wegweiser in Baden. It lists hiking distances. Six hours to Zürich. One of these days I will test it out. Not on such a wintry day though.

I wish you all a good week.

Trivia of the week: 

Some of you will notice that I'm listing this under week 4 for the year. Those of you in the US will disagree, as your week numbering system puts it at week 5. Another manifestation of the non-metric stance. Causes confusion all around, especially when one uses localization on computers to be able to use American-English spelling without the spell checker going bananas. Luckily there are manual workarounds.


Birds on a tree on a snowy day

Did I say I would try to post weekly? Gah, where does the time go?!

A few days ago we had some snow and I took some pictures. This is one them. Perhaps you can make out the huddled birds.


Train signage at the Zurich main station

About a year ago I complained about the fact that SBB was replacing all the split-flap displays in the train stations. I liked the split-flap displays.

In October 2015, the enormous one in the Zurich main station was replaced by this electronic version. I have to say that I find the replacement quite acceptable -- easy and nice to read, and extra messages (such as service disruptions, seen here) can be accommodated well.

On a side note, I'm going to try a weekly posting schedule. Let's see how that goes.


This year's cyanistes caeruleus

Best wishes for a good 2016 to you all.

I photographed this blue tit outside the kitchen a few weeks ago and figured I would add it to my collection.


Spring in Mandach

Many of the fruit trees are in bloom at the moment. I find the village of Mandach particularly pretty this time of year.