2018 week 15: Springtime

I'm enjoying the spring weather. The vibrant green. The bells on the sheep across the way. The twittering of birds. I wish you all something nice to enjoy, and a good week ahead.


2018 week 14: Mud flats of Lake Gruyere

The Lake of Gruyere, a manmade reservoir in the canton of Fribourg, is drained every spring to accommodate rising water levels from the melting snow as the temperature rises. This photo I took on Saturday shows the lake bed as it is currently. I'm guessing this is mud that is deposited as sediment by the water washing down the mountains.

This year the snowpack is thicker than usual, and there are concerns about flooding.

Rossens Dam
Year: 1947
Type: Arch

Height: 83 m
Length: 13.5 km
Watershed: 954 km2
Volume: 220 mil. m3

For some excellent drone shots, search for the following terms: greyerzersee flauraud


Week 13: Alphorns by the lake in Zurich

Saturday morning of week 12, these two young women were entertaining the crowds with their alphorns. Gratuities (placed in the basket on the left) were acknowledged with the cow bell activated via a string. I thought it was pretty cool.


Week 10: zum Hirschen wins Mini Beiz, dini Beiz favorite of the week

Mini Beiz, dini Beiz (loose translation: My tavern, your tavern) on Swiss TV SRF is a reality show where a group of people visit each others' favorite local eateries and vote on them. Our very own zum Hirschen was featured last week, and won the people's favorite. Well done!

Below is a link to the episode. I have no idea if it is accessible from outside Switzerland. If it is, please drop me a note to let me know, thanks!



Week 9: Repair Cafe

In this throwaway society of ours, there is now a movement afoot in which people are fighting back against short-lived consumer goods. In fact, there are many different groups, all over the world, organizing events where people can bring in broken items to have volunteers take a stab at repairing them. Last Saturday there was one such event in Windisch. 

A full list of the upcoming Repair Cafes all over Switzerland can be found here: https://www.konsumentenschutz.ch/repaircafe/schweizer-repair-cafes/ 

 The concept was formalized in the Netherlands in 2010. You can read about it on Wikipedia, among other places. Have you ever visited a Repair Cafe?


Week 8: Park Innovaare

I've mentioned the PSI many times before -- the Paul Scherrer Institute, which is the largest Swiss public research facility. It is a couple of kilometers down the road from the center of Villigen.

Recently, a chapter of the Swiss Innovation Park was approved next to the PSI. It is a public-private effort

to unite cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial innovation. (Source: http://www.axpo.com/axpo/ch/en/engagement/innovation/innovaare.html)

A few start-up companies have already signed on. Construction on the main site has not started yet, but when all is said and done, some scenes such as the one in this photo [http://basedinvilligen.blogspot.ch/2013/08/grazing-cows.html] will be replaced by buildings and, ahem, nerds.


Week 7: Solarstrom

Strom = electricity.

There's not much sunshine to be had at the moment, but let's consider the possibilities anyway.

This is a shed at PSI where people can plug in their electric bikes to charge them up while they work. What you can't see in this photo is that the roof is made of solar cells AKA photovoltaic panels.