72. Water wheel

The area Zürich West was an industrial quarter, with a history of metalworking and ship-building. All that remains of that now are a few items, displayed as lonely museum pieces.


71. Plumbing in green

View across the way from the restaurant Angkor in Zürich West, which is a former industrial area that is being gradually developed into a office-living-working-shopping-eating quarter. The green piece caught my eye. Overall, a bit of a strange view to have from a nice  restaurant.


70. Resistance (is futile)

A photo from the Zürich West area, where construction has been booming. If you look closely at the old house (sorry, not really easy to make out) in the lower left of the photo, you might be able to pick out part of the word "Resistance", in opposition to the "Renaissance" of the tower to the right.


69. Rebstock

Restaurant Rebstock in Baden. Waiting for good weather, and cordoned off for the Limmatlauf race.


68. Steeple

Another one from Baden. The steeple in the background belongs to the same church seen in my post 7. Light in Baden

I love the wee asymmetric window on the lowest row, between the two with the shutters.


67. Haus zue dem Schwambet 1658

On Kronengasse in Baden.
Schwambet or Schmambet, I can't quite make out what the name really is.

Thanks to a reader who might be a member of the Heim family, I now know that it is Schwambet.


66. Limmatlauf 2014

This past Saturday a 13 km race took place in Baden.