2018 week 24: Worker safety

If you look at the larger version of the photo, I hope you'll be able to make out the two men doing maintenance work on the roof near the green-roofed red cupola. 

This photo is actually from a few weeks ago, taken in Zürich. When I was taking the photo I was thinking about worker safety. 

Just recently, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA -- Wiki entry) ruled that from 2019, construction workers and others who work outdoors in the sun will be required to wear sun protection. Actually, if I undersand it correctly, they've decreed that the employers have to enforce that their workers use sun protection (which the employers must also provide). I'm curious to see how that will work out.

Some numbers, according to SUVA: Every day in Switzerland, three people are diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma directly attributable to their occupational activity. As such, the treatments for these cases are paid for by SUVA.


2018 week 23: Slated to be torn down

Many older buildings in a state of disrepair around this region are torn down and new buildings are put up in their place. Renovation is just too expensive in many cases. This building is/was in Baden.


2018 week 22: Vote!

Another voting period is upon us. At the federal level there are two issues this time, sovereign money and online gambling rules. At the local level, once a year there's a public meeting to discuss the budget and other things. I think this word must be one of the longest that is commonly used around here: Einwohnergemeindeversammlung, roughly translated it means meeting of the residents of the commune.


2018 week 21: Carla del Ponte at the FHNW

Last Wednesday, Carla del Ponte, former Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals, gave a talk at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, in Brugg-Windisch. The main theme was war crimes in Syria, however her keynote also contained anecdotes about her vast experience in prosecuting everything from money laundering to war crimes. The target audience were the students in a course about international conflict, and I'm glad that the general public was also given the chance to attend.


2018 week 20: Jubla camp

It's summer camp time! A local chapter of the Jungwacht Blauring, a catholic youth group (Wiki article here), set up a weekend camp on one of the meadows in Villigen.


2018 week 19: Cat, prey and wildflowers

Okay, I admit, the prey isn't visible in the photo. It's been a good week to enjoy being at home.


2018 week 18: Pro Specie Rara seedling market at Schloss Wildegg

Every spring, usually the first weekend in May, there's the Pro Specie Rara seedling market at Schloss Wildegg near by. I was a little surprised to see so many people there at 09:00 am on a Sunday. I guess gardeners wake up early! 

I picked up a few tomato plants and a couple of herbs. Are you growing anything this summer?