2018 week 31: Flumserberg

The first of August is the Swiss national day. I didn't take any photos this year, and because of the general drought conditions, I didn't find myself in a celebratory mood anyway. 

We did go for a hike in Flumserberg this week and this is one of the photos I took there. The backdrop is the Churfirsten.


2018 week 30: Resting sheep, peek-a-boo

These guys graze all day and night and I caught them as they were taking a little break.

We are experiencing a prolonged dry spell this summer -- the infrequent rain has been too short in duration and too little in quantity. I just read that many farmer are sending their cows to slaughter early because there's not enough grass to graze on.


2018 week 29: Grazing cows

A very faded Swiss flag, and some cows on the pasture. If I'm not mistaken, these are the Wagyu cows that Chlopfi's farm raises.



2018 week 26: Enjoying the new sun shades

After the fiasco with the previous sun umbrellas that were destroyed by a storm, there are now new ones at the Sechseläuten Platz in Zürich (the opera house is visible in the background). These ones can handle upto 90 km/h winds (roughly 56 mph).

We enjoyed them ourselves recently.


2018 week 25: The bus stop at the Gemeindehaus

Here is a photo of one of the three bus stops in the village, this one opposite the Gemeindehaus ("town" hall). On weekdays, the bus comes by twice an hour in both directions. On weekends it's once an hour.


2018 week 24: Worker safety

If you look at the larger version of the photo, I hope you'll be able to make out the two men doing maintenance work on the roof near the green-roofed red cupola. 

This photo is actually from a few weeks ago, taken in Zürich. When I was taking the photo I was thinking about worker safety. 

Just recently, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA -- Wiki entry) ruled that from 2019, construction workers and others who work outdoors in the sun will be required to wear sun protection. Actually, if I undersand it correctly, they've decreed that the employers have to enforce that their workers use sun protection (which the employers must also provide). I'm curious to see how that will work out.

Some numbers, according to SUVA: Every day in Switzerland, three people are diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma directly attributable to their occupational activity. As such, the treatments for these cases are paid for by SUVA.