The mill seen from the bridge

If you look to the left of the wood bridge in yesterday's post, you'll see this building. The Gipsmühle, as far as I've been able to determine. I don't know what it was they milled here, but there are many such mills all along the rivers.



claude said...

In my village there is a mill too
on the Loir River. Someone lives in and they is still the wood wheel.

Local insider said...

This mill used to produce gypsum powder, the raw material comes from Villigen where we have the biggest open-sky quarry of Switzerland. Now used to produce concrete, in the old days they mined for gypsum there.

The mill is now used as an appartment building. They get "wet feet" on every occasion of a flooding!

Z said...

Claude: I have photos from a few other mills around the area, and maybe I'll post some of them.

Insider: So, the 'Gips' actually refers to what was made there. I didn't know for sure whether that was it. I'll have to show the quarry sometime -- I've pointed out the conveyor system to Holcim several times on the blog, but haven't been out to the pit under circumstances that would provide decent photos.

Thanks for pointing out the renovation. Gives me a reason to include a link to the Architheke firm although they don't have much information about it on their site. Link here

Nathalie said...

Beautiful beautiful photo, the light is spectacular and the viewpoint really well chosen.