Where the Limmat meets the Aare

I think I've got this right. The Reuss has already joined the Aare about a kilometer upstream. In the background are Turgi and Untersiggenthal. In the foreground the area of Lauffohr. If you're a regular reader, you might find the largish white building on the river bank on the left side of the photo familiar. It's an old mill (gypsum mill - Gipsmühle) converted to housing units, with the barely visible lower building as offices for Architheke, the architectural firm that planned the renovation.



Rambling Round said...

Wow! Another fantastic view, Z!

Hilda said...

A beautiful panoramic view of the town! It's such a lovely place!

Peter (Worldman): said...

I always knew that the Aare flows into some other river or some other river flows into the Aare. But I never knew that Limmat and Aare meet.

Z said...

RR: Thanks! It's a little tiring to hike up to these viewing areas, but if the weather is alright, it is so worth it!

Hilda: I think so too. And there are actually three towns (at least) in the photo! As you noticed in an earlier shot, boundaries are quite sharp here.

Peter: Yes, this region is quite special I find, with the Limmat and Reuss joining the Aare. It seems that it is only in the last two decades that this idea of showcasing the "Wasserschloss Schweiz" came about. There's a new realization that healthy rivers and surroundings are important for us all.

The Aare itself is a tributary of the Rhein, joining it in Koblenz (CH) - Waldshut (D).