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View from Besserstein V

Three cranes, rising out of the woods in Würenlingen. That's the new PSI project to build a free electron laser (FEL). Very creatively christened SwissFEL.

Speaking of naming things, this prefixing of "Swiss" can be taken to extremes.  And coupled with the adoption of words from English, leads to eyebrow-raising combinations. For example, SwissBroke, a consulting company for brokers.


View from Besserstein III

The clump of trees marks a stream that flows into the Aare. We have a solar panel enthusiast in this section.


View from Besserstein II

Among the regular houses here we see the llama farm that has popped up on this blog time and time again:

The quadrant with the round corral is mostly used for horses as far as I've seen.


PSI and the Aare

We hiked up to Besserstein recently and I got the chance to play with my new second-hand 40mm to 150mm (80mm to 300mm: 35mm equivalent) lens. I'm hardly an expert, and I'm finding that there's much I can learn with it.

One of the interesting things about Villigen is that it is home to the Paul Scherrer Institute, which is the largest Swiss research facility. The topics covered range from the applied such as fuel cells, and cancer therapy using proton beams, to the fundamental such as determining the proton radius. There are people doing ice core studies to measure atompheric pollution, probing unexpected behaviors in magnetic materials and developing new detectors and techniques to "see" closer, better, faster.

They offer tours of the facility (in German). The contact site is the psi forum.


Winter morning sunshine II

The vineyards are looking very spare these days, but the warm light of the sunrise creates a certain charm.



Winter morning sunshine I

What's so special, some of you might be thinking. Well, we have really foggy winter mornings over here so any instance where the sun actually shines through whatever 'curtain' there might be is a special one.

This is the summit of our village hill, part of Geissberg. As fas as I've figured out, the area is called Besserstein.



Grape harvest

The grapes on "our" hill were harvested this past weekend.



Our hill from a different location

This is the hill that rises up behind Villigen, seen from a north-east location. I've loaded a larger-than-usual photo today (click on the image) so you can have a better look. The speck in the grass to the left right is a cat.



A straight stretch of road

One of those rare straight segments of road through the fields, as seen from a location on our village hill.



PSI and beyond

The village in the far background is Würenlingen. The big buildings at the rear belong to the PSI (click on label below see other posts related to it.) The twin side-gabled buildings are some sort of farm buildings. The rock conveyor for the Holcim cement plant is visible to the right of those.



View beyond Rein

A view looking beyond the village of Rein. The church tower to the left is the same as in this old photo.



Sheltered farmhouse

Another view from the hill. A nicely sheltered farmhouse on the outskirts of Villigen. Distant mountains visible in the back.



Wildflower 15: Hemp agrimony

A walk up our little hill Besserstein provided a few photo opportunities. Eupatorium cannabinum. Gewöhnlicher Wasserdost.

Moth: Jersey Tiger. Euplagia quadripunctaria.




Frosty lookout ...

... at the top of Besserstein, the hill that overlooks Villigen.




Is there a phrase similar to late bloomer to describe things that are late to wane?



Bird house and Besserstein

The flag on top of Besserstein can be seen peeking though the branches on the lower left corner of the bird house.




The entrance to Villigen as viewed from Besserstein.