Paper pick-up day


Four times a year our paper is picked up for recycling. The various social groups in the village take turns to do the pick-up. Today the Freizeit Club (recreational club) performed this service. In this photo they're collecting the paper from the Gemeindehaus (parish hall).

A post from last year:



claude said...

It is very interesting to know how the garbages are picked-up in Switzerland !

Chuckeroon said...

Tks Z.....very informative series..as usual. Wheat harvest here is endangered by the rain.

Julie said...

Agreed - an interesting series. We have a squat black plastic bin that we put out each week with regular garbage that we use for paper and cardboard. Cost is covered by garbage levy. Plastics can go in this bin too and the garbos sort them out as they chuck on the truck.

lavenderlady said...

I like this idea...but would hate to store my papers for 3 months...probably because we have so many ads. Our papers can be huge.

Z said...

Lavender lady: Oh, junk mail! Here we have stickers we can put onto our mailboxes to refuse ads.

An old post showing such a sticker:
Junk mail

Kate said...

4 times a year! Isn't this a bit of a storage problem?

Z said...

Kate: *Grin* In the US for sure, but we have fewer junk mail items and catalogs over here. If you take all those out of your mail in Minnesota, you might also have just a small pile to have to store.