Green waste pick-up day

While we're on the topic of garbage and refuse. Fridays are green-waste pick up days. In the summer it's every Friday while in the winter it drops down to every other Friday. If I understand it correctly, there's an electronic chip on the individual containers which is read out when the waste is collected and this information is used to calculate the charge for the transportation.

We (the residents of my building) share this container pictured here and we use it for both garden and kitchen waste. Some people have their own compost piles.



Halcyon said...

Alas, green waste pick-up is not very common in the US. My husband and I have our own compost pile though.

The town we live in does pick up items for recycling. The place we lived before did not. So that's a step in the right direction at least. Although the types of items you can recycle are somewhat limited.

Sad, because I hate to think of all that trash polluting our earth in a landfill.

claude said...

To complete my com of yesyerday. we put into a green waste only the black bags.

Julie said...

No specific green waste collection in Sydney. I put mine in with the other waste. Each householder can request a specific pickup whenever they wish for no less than $50 per ute tray full.

Z said...

Halcyon: There are also parts of Switzerland where there's no green waste pick-up.

The personal or small-group compost pile might be a better option -- no transportation related consumption and pollution to deal with.

Julie: Where I used to live in the US, we didn't have such pick-up either. Like Halcyon I used to have my own compost pile.