Recyclables drop off location

The Gemeindehaus (parish or town hall) I mentioned yesterday is also the local drop off point for a few other types of unwanted products.

The red container is for steel cans (the wheel is a crank to run a press that flattens the cylinders.) Aluminum - cans, foil, lids from yogurt and other containers - goes into the yellow. The green is for oil, both motor and cooking. The grey, I'll have to get back to you on the grey as I couldn't read the sign from outside the fence (it's locked up on Sundays.) Barely visible way in the back is a container for old clothes. These are supposed to be items that still have useful life in them.

Not pictured in this photo are the containers for glass, batteries, flourescent bulbs, Nespresso capsules (old post here), some sorts of building materials and styrofoam peanuts.



Julie said...

Good grief, styrofoam peanuts!

Don't you find yourself spending a lot of your weekend sorting out rubbish into different piles and tying it up?

I agree that it seems to be a good idea, but was there not research somewhere that seemed to indicate that recycling was not economic - all it did was fool us into thinking we were doing something useful.

Seems strange to have it locked up on a Sunday which is one of the prime days for people to sort through their junk and throw some of it out.

Z said...


Sigh, it makes me sad that it seems you think the effort is not worth it. I can imagine some processes of recycling could end up using more energy than saving it, depending on the chain of transportation and so on. Without going through all the various calculations for every single town, I can't answer that in general terms. But, I will continue to make my little efforts and continue to delude myself.

Anyway, I try to keep on top of the sorting as I generate waste. For example, if I buy something at IKEA, more often than not, I'll leave the packaging at the store where they provide bins for it. Same with those crazy plastic packaging of electronics in the megastores. We also have separate bins at home under the sink so I pop the cans, etc in them as they're emptied. It's true that one has be diligent about it.

Here in CH Saturdays would be the day to do the sorting and stuff you do on Sundays. It's very traditional here to reserve Sundays for doing things other than work or chores.

lavenderlady said...

I like the way you have things sorted...and I am very glad there are those like you, Z, who join me in doing our small part to make where we live and what we leave for our grandchildren, just a tiny bit better. And speaking of grandchildren...how will they learn if they don't see me do it.

Kris said...

Good to see that they’ve made it easy for people to recycle, that seems to be the barrier to most doing it, they are too lazy.