Our hill from a different location

This is the hill that rises up behind Villigen, seen from a north-east location. I've loaded a larger-than-usual photo today (click on the image) so you can have a better look. The speck in the grass to the left right is a cat.



Tanya said...

So pretty and green. The hills look like they can be here as well :)

Sharon said...

What a beautful scene. I don't get to see much lush green like this in Arizona.

Tash said...

Incomprable scenery-what a lovely place to live. We took our then cat Domino to CH with us - she'd go on the farmer's field adjacent to the house & do the ground stare just like the cat in your field.

Julie said...

Ohh ... THAT left!!

I went from the farmhouse starkly white to this image which looked boring in comparison - until I enlarged it.

Such a parade of textures in green. I have never encountered such lushness.