Bienen Hotel

Bee hotel. I wonder how attractive these man-made sanctuaries are for the bees. This one is a couple of years old.

20090314 Nikon Coolpix 950


Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

I love it! We need a whole lot more of these around the world. Great pic!!!

claude said...

Hi Z!
Bees die in the Hives killed by the chemical treatments. in the sunflower fields.
I like very much the stand of the mailbox you showed in your previous post.

Joan Elizabeth said...

What an interesting photo. I have never heard of artificial hives that look like this.

wellingtonia said...

Hi bloggers

With this typ of "hotel" you give solitary and communal bees a home.
A report about these bees (in German).
and one in english.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Thanks Wellingtonia I have never heard of solitary bees.

Halcyon said...

What if the bees don't read German? How will they know this is their hotel? ;-)

wellingtonia said...

Hi Halcyon

Only people need explaining.
Bees use it if they found such homes;--)


Baron's Life said...

Never seen an artificial bee hive let alone a picture. Great shot and thank you for sharing it