Dismantled Kartoffel

Anyone remember the kartoffel.ch sign on the hill? (Links to old posts below). I found it resting against the side of this building.
20070420 The post office and the bus stop
20070417 The yellow house on Hauptstrasse



Halcyon said...

Strange. Did they stop selling/producing potatos?

mkhansen said...

It is tempting to imagine that they came down off the hill on their own, and are snuggling up against the cold.

claude said...

Mash potatoes !

Patty said...

The word literally is "mashed" up with all the letters, yes mash-potatoes.... ;-)
Neat picture...keep up the good work

Z said...

Halcyon: I think the owner of the land it was on might have been renting out the space for advertising. Maybe the contract ended?

mk: I like the way you think!

claude: Good insight!

Patty: Where in CH did you live? Does Villigen look anything like your old home or is it very different?

Susanne49 said...

Maybe there are growing now "Rueblis"...:)

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