Strolling along Hauptstrasse

A handful of cows were seen walking down Hauptstrasse on Saturday morning. Here's one of the ones bringing up the rear. Not to worry, the cowherd was at hand, though outside the scope of this photo. The bicyclist was not a part of the entourage.



Wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Surreptitious for Luzi Stamm !!
He promote themes on the right side of Swiss politik.
Black scheaps an so !!


Z said...

Hello Wellingtonia

Thank you for the heads-up! I knew nothing about Stamm, if I did, I would have been tempted to crop the poster out of the photo... Ah well, suffice to say that his politics and mine don't have a lot of overlap.

Tash said...

You where certainly there at the right moment! Great capture.

Now I'm going to have to look up Luzi Stamm. And what "right side" of Swiss politics means.

wellingtonia said...

Hi tash

On the right side of Swiss politics means tho opposit of "left side".
Perhaps there's an other expression in the USA.
Do you heard something about the black sheaps.


Z said...

Wellingtonia: I think what Tash meant was what particular opinions the right leaning parties in Switzerland hold and how these opinions might be different from those of the right leaning parties in other countries.

Tash: If you click on the 'government' label at the foot of the post, you'll find my posts that lightly touched on a few of the issues. The black sheep topic that Wellingtonia mentions was in one of my posts:
20070914 Sheep in the Besserstein vineyards

Sherry said...

What a funny capture! Here it can be cattle, but more often moose, deer, or elk taking a leisurely walk down the road!

wellingtonia said...

Hi tash

Yesterday I saw a poster against Barak Obama.
A poster from Missouri Barak "Hussein" Obama.
I mean this kind of arguments.
Right wing politics mostly us same colored arguments.