City daily photo theme day: Lines

Another new month, another theme day. Today's topic is "lines." I took this photo at the Holcim cement factory Open House last month. Related posts at these links:
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Halcyon said...

The sky is so blue! Great choice for the theme day.

Kris said...

Well spotted and a wonderfully composed photograph!

Tash said...

another X-eptional photo & in keeping with your recent theme. Well done!

claude said...

Nice choice for this theme. Tahnk you for this very blue sky !

Z said...

Thank you all for your nice comments! It's lovely to have people appreciate my efforts.

Halcyon and Claude: As winter approaches, bright blue sky becomes a rare sight in my part of Switzerland. This was a special day.

Kris and Tash: When I took it, it looked rather lame on my camera display but I saved it anyway. I'm glad I did.