At the quarry from yesterday's post. I suspect this was the main attraction for most of the children: a ride to the pit area on the dump truck. There were a lot of people in the queue and only one truck could be accomodated so the trips were necessarily short. Even so, we had to wait through four loadings before we got our chance on the Muldenkipper. Sadly, I wasn't able to fight my way to a 'window' seat so my view and photographic opportunities were severly restricted.

Holcim has permission to exploit this quarry until 2045. As they complete the extraction from one region of the quarry and move to another area, they reforest the former. There are also a couple of biotopes (rudimentary Wiki entry here) that they've created, to support the amphibians in the area.



Tanya said...

Don't they know who you are and your photo responsibilities? Clearly someone should have given up their window seat for you,lol. Sounds fun!

Julie said...

It seems to me that this is very wise public relations on the part of the company. Who would have thought that so many people would turn up for a tour over a quarry!

Halcyon said...

Oh, I love those open to the public days. I got to see the inside of many a factory thanks to the journées du patrimoine. I never ventured into a quarry though. That sounds most interesting. Sorry you did not get better pictures.

Z said...

Indeed, I was surprised to see the turn-out. Much larger than I expected. It was also very well organized, with busses shuttling between the factory and the quarry.