Lenzburg castle through trees

This is a view of Lenzburg castle from atop the hill that yesterday's stairway leads to. Somewhat better photos coming up in the next few days.



Leif Hagen said...

A great photo of the castle through the trees. Looking forward to close up photos of it and maybe even pictures from inside it!

Tash said...

It's a wonderful photo. Lenzburg &
the castle was our 1st trip on the train from Hochdorf on the Seetal "express".

Conchscooter said...

And there I was hoping for an off leash Swiss law breaker caught in the act in digital color.
The castle looks comfy.

Z said...

Leif: The castle is closed over the winter so we're able to go in. Maybe another trip is in order.

Tash: We've been observing the castle from the train for years now, but had never gone up there until this year.

Conch: I saw only the dogs... didn't see the perps. Or the perps were pretending to be dogless.