And she's buying a stairway to heaven...



Halcyon said...

Is it specifically for dogs?

wellingtonia said...

Hi Halcyon

It's a stairway up on a hill.
In this case the stairway is a walk for people and animals on the village map.
So it get's it's own name "Himmelsleiterli".
Each road, walk etc. of a village has a name.


Z said...


The sign with the dog just instructs people to have their dogs on leashes. I have to say though that most people disregarded this notice. We saw several dogs off-leash.

BTW, der Himmel = sky or heaven
Die Leiter = ladder
Leiterli is a dimunitive form, very common in Switzerland.

Conchscooter said...

Well, if I bring Cheyenne I will leave her leash in the car, just so I will look Swiss for the walk. Who would have thunk? Bloody lawbreakers.