Villages in Wallis

Somewhere in Oberwallis. I haven't been able to remember where, but when I do, I'll update the text.

Update: Thanks to reader Wellingtonia for identifying the villages. That's Ritzingen (part of Gemeinde Grafschaft) in front, the little chapel is the Feldkapelle of Ritzingen. A bit of trivia: the birthplace of Cesar Ritz (of the hotel fame) is Niederwald, a neighboring village in this region. Yep, "ritzy" can be traced back to here...



Rambling Round said...

What a serene view of the village!

Hilda said...

Cold! But so charming.
Wishing you a peaceful and love-filled new year.

Tash said...

The beauty of the Swiss paysage always amazes me. Your picture is wonderful.

wellingtoniy said...

Hi Z

The village in front is Ritzingen:
In the back you see the church of Ritzingen.
Behind the church is Gluringen and Reckingen.

Z said...

Glad you like the image, RR, Hilda and Tash.

Wellingtonia: Thank you for the help. Did you just recognize it by sight? Been there often?

wellingtonia said...

He Z

Behind Gluringen is a Military place where anti aircraft cannon make target practice.
I was one of these artillerymans.
It's a nice place (around Gluringen and Reckingen) for this kind of "spare time".