Art on the wall in Brig

On a building in Brig in the canton of Valais/Wallis.



Tash said...

Very cool - sowers & reapers.

I should of looked back one photo...to see where the snow covered chalet is - I thought I'd recognize by the building style - I knew it wasn't in Graubunden. :)

I have one photo of Brig in my album - Dec. 2, 1989, my husband standing by a stone wall with 2 towers with onion-dome cupolas in the background. I remember we liked Brig. Sion was very interesting but soooooo cold when we visited.

So are you up by Bettmeralp or Reideralp. We hiked from Bet. that Dec. - not much snow that year. & then again from from Bet. to Reid. in 9-90 along the Aletschgletcher view. Such great memories.

Hope your holidays are wonderful and wish you a great New Year (with a visit to Grindelwald in your future - it wasn't our favorite but it is very pretty). We enjoyed Flims too - took the cable car up and hiked down at the end of the sky season.

Gunn White said...

Well seen/ well done, and interesting and nice ART!