Wisteria, again

This photo is from Brugg this spring. The fall blooms aren't quite as full — although the foliage is thicker — as far as I've noticed so far.


arabesque said...

yup, they still are... but i never seem to get tired of them... they're just pretty!

Gunn White said...

Very nice!:-)

claude said...

Sehr schön !

AB said...

There seems to be a lot of wisteria about. Maybe, that is where the purple Swiss chocolate colour comes from.

Z said...

Arabesque: I agree with you completely.

Gunn White: Thanks for writing!

Claude: Hast du auch schon Glyzinie?

AB: Milka is owned by Kraft which is American I think. So no longer Swiss. Like the airline company. It's hardly on sale here, if at all.