Detail fire hydrant

Detail on an old fire hydrant in Brugg. They don't make them like this anymore.

20081129 Nikon Coolpix 950


Julie said...

Fascinating what they could afford to do, and have the vision to do, back in what WE call the dark ages ... this is lovely. I guess it is not concrete because of its age therefore is probably carved out of stone.

Sean said...

There is no time, energy or inclination anymore. It is sad what life has become. Nice photograph!

Z said...

Julie: It's not that old. And the Romans already had concrete. Anyway, this must be metal. See Thursday's post, I think that photo will clarify.

Sean: I'm not of the same opinion. In that, I don't pine for the "good old days". I think life is much, much better for me now. Besides, if we're talking about design and creativity, I appreciate many diverse things, ranging from what Zaha Hadid is doing, and the user interaction of the iPhone (not that I have one).