Cat, fence and compost pile



Julie said...

Awww ... she is gorgeous! Love the clarity of the colour ... and the splodges ... and the tail ... and the fact that it is a cat!!

Conchscooter said...

Ok, so we chaotic North Americans need a close up of the compost. All I can see is a smug Swiss cat and a fenced in lawn. I don't want to hear that the orderly lawn is compost. My compost looks like nothing a decent human being wants to photograph, black and reeking.

Z said...

Conch: Compost shouldn't reek, should it? If it's black, it should exude a rich, earthy smell AFAIK. What are you putting in your mix?

To answer your Q, the wall the cat is sitting on is the boundary of the compost "pile". Obviously, pile isn't the right word. Sorry I misled you. To see another such "pile", look at this old post:

20090114 Blackbird, camoflaged