All of the fire hydrant

My apologies to those of you bored with this thing.



White Oleander said...

This is a very unique hydrant. It looks historic.

Paula said...

Very nice.

Paulo Camacho said...

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Paulo Camacho

arabesque said...

nothing like our fire hydrants here... very classy

Conchscooter said...

There was this school project in Key West where they got kids to paint fire hydrants all sorts of different colors. They pop into the frame in my essays from time to time.
I'm trying to picture Brugg doing the same thing and it just won't come.
Damn, there I go again interrupting the flow.
Nice picture, nice hydrant, nice blog. Etcetera.
Are we ever going to find out if you are really a Zurich gnome with a sense of the absurd you can only release through this blog?

Z said...

White Oleander: I don't know how old they are. Not that old. Sometime in the 1900s, I think. I'll try to find out.

Paula: Thank you for taking the time to comment the past day or so. :-)

Paulo: Thanks! I'll try to visits soon.

Arabesque: And I don't think anyone even notices them anymore. Pity...

Conch: There you go again, revealing your prejudice and/or ignorance. ;-D Check out these posts I did way back in 2007 (not Brugg but close enough for government work):

20070403: Stilli fire hydrant no 4

20070404: Stilli fire hydrant no 9

20070405: Stilli fire hydrant no 2