Würenlingen as seen from Nassberg

There are some nice views to be had from the paths up at Nassberg (see yesterday's post). This is Würenlingen, on the other side of the river Aare from us.



Babooshka said...

Pretty to me. Looks so unpolluted.

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Isn't there a place where they will bury radioactive waste ?


Tash said...

GORGEOUS! Well done, Z.

Z said...

Babooshka: See Wellingtonia's comment!

Wellingtonia: The Zwischen Lager is in this area, but as far as I know, NAGRA hasn't announced a 'permanent' site.

Tash: Why, thank you!

claude said...

Nice view and the brown cow of your previous post very beautiful .
Thanks for your last visit.