Gas line markers

The bright orange markers for the subterranean natural-gas line are the only spots of color in the fields right now. In the background, the neighboring village of Rüfenach I think. While the pipeline traverses Villigen, it seems we are not part of the service area.



wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Wonderful scenery behind the field.
The houses in black and white in front of the grey bachground.
Have you seen:


David -- www.CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I thought your Swiss readers might be interested in the post I did today for my www.CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com website. It is about a Swiss woman who lived in Costa Rica until she passed away a few years ago. She cared for injured, orphaned wildlife, especially jaguars and other members of the cat family. People brought her animals that needed care, and at one point she had as many as 160 animals. Her Las Pumas Rescue Center continues today, after her passing, in part due to the continued financial support of her family.

By the way, I note that you are near Zurich. I have been there 4 times, including coming there for New Year's several years ago. My wife and I had our New Year's Eve dinner at the Hotel Storchen and watched the fireworkds from its balcony.

Tanya said...

What a dreamy picture :)

Jilly said...

Love the misty snowy quality of this photograph with those orange markers. There's a mystery to what is going on in the houses somehow. Me being silly probably. Nice photo.

Virginia said...

What a great photo and how nice of the gas company to put those bright markers! They make this photo really pop.

Gail's Man said...

Moody photo. Nottingham has been covered by grey clouds all week, but no snow at all, even though the rest of the country seemed to have lots.

Baron's Life said...

Gloomy, depressing pictures but it depict the scenery, weather and time of the year very well.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I think this is a delightful photo. The muted scenery with the bright markers is perfect.

mkhansen said...

Very quiet (the orange markers accentuate it). I am enjoying your winter, since we are not quite having one.

Z said...

Wellingtonia: Danke für die Blumen!

David: Thank you for the information. I haven't been by to visit yet, but I surely will.

Tanya, Jilly, Virgina, Man, Baron, Joan and mk: I appreciate every single comment, even if I'm unable to respond in kind. You make me work harder to try to get photos that I think will appeal.