The first sunrise of 2009

A lovely wintry morning to start off the new year. And a new format to try out. I suspect I'm going to regret this decision to go with a square but I'll play with it for the duration of January and then reevaluate. Comment are, as always, welcome. FYI: cropped and framed in Picnik.



Anonymous said...

Extraordinary photography.

Happy New Year to you and your family from Patty and Abe.

Local Insider said...

What an incredible picture, congratulations, Z - I passed there at the same time (I saw you ;-) on my way to get croissants for my family ... but didn't think of taking a picture (too early in the year, I suppose!).

Your picture made it to the desktop of my PC!!

I wish you, dear Z, and all the readers of your blog a happy, healthy and prosperous new year - may all your professional and private wishes come true.

N.P. said...

Amazing photo...the trees are so beautiful.

Tanya said...

So much promise! Happy New Year!

Susanne49 said...

I think the frame looks good! Nice shot, with so much ambiance, I can feel the cold in Switzerland!

I'm glad I discovered your blog - or was it in reverse..? :) Thanks for subscribing to my blog, it's always nice to see new faces visiting.


Sue's Daily Photography

Z said...

Abraham: Thank you for the nice compliment!

Insider: And you didn't stop to say hello?! How neighborly is that? :-) Just joking... but we must meet at Hirschen for a cup of coffee before 2009 is over, don't you think? BTW, I upload only low res photos onto the blog as a means of keeping control over my photos (mediocre though they are, they are mine and I feel possessive!) so if you ever want to use an image from the lot as a desktop or such, I'll email you a bigger image if you let me know. Of course, this applies to all my readers.

N.P.: I was a little surprised myself at how nicely the photo turned out. :-)

Tanya: Thank you!

Sue: Thanks for your visit and the thumbs-up on the frame, and welcome to Villigen!

Buck said...

An inspiration for my photography and for my new year!

maria said...

Hello Z,

I just discovered your blog coming from Worldman.

I'm really enjoying looking at all the beautiful pictures that you posted.

Happy Year 0f 2009!


Local Insider said...

Stopping? No way, Z ... I was barely able to keep my half-closed eyes on the road at that time of the day!!

Why not stop by tomorrow (Friday, 2nd Jan 09) at the Turnhalle Villigen (gymnastic hall) at 2 p.m. and have a glance at MY hobby?

I assure you there will be interesting "targets" for your camera!!

istanbuldailyphoto said...

Friend this is a table. A beautiful photography. Congratulations.

Kris said...

Happy New Year!

Merry New Year?

I like the square. It's a little different and that is always a good thing!

Wonderful image, by the way.

Julie said...

I agree with Kris: I like the square. It certainly works for this image - which is so different from many of the others that you posted during 2008. You trying out a new idea?

I have experimented with Picnik and might use it for one of my side blogs. Thanks for the heads-up ...

Julie said...

Z: How did you remove the automatically generated frame that Blogger puts around all images?

Z said...

Insider: We have a prior engagement so we won't be able to make it. :-( But, I'm very intrigued...

Maria, Buck and Istanbul: Welcome to Villigen, and thank you most heartily for taking the time to comment.

Kris and Julie: I'm glad you approve of the square. I'll have to think a little more now when I compose images for the blog

Julie: Here's what I did. In the Dashboard, I went to Layout => Edit HTML => then found the following lines (as you can see, I've changed the border to 0px and that works.) If someone has a more elegant solution, please do share.

.post img {
border:0px solid $bordercolor;

bitingmidge said...


I think the square crop will work a treat for a long while, enjoy the challenge!

Have a fantastic 2009!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Julie said...

Excellent, thank you. That worked a treat.

Snapper said...

A beautiful way to begin the year. Happy 2009!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Z, the framed square works really well, I does of course help that there is such a good pic inside.

I think that type of framing would add distinction to any shape.

claude said...

Sehr schön, Z !
What a very nice photo ! I find the format is good.Your picture could make a beautiful Wishes card.

Tash said...

Oh, what a glorious morning. This is a really amazing photo, Z.
I like the bigger format for the photo - hope the square works out.

mkhansen said...

This sparkles beautifully! I like the square, too. Many artists have taken up the challenge of the square -- it poses its own difficulties of composition, of course. It will be fun to see what you do with it. (Perhaps say something about it as you go.)

Moi said...

beautiful image to start the year with.....and you may get bored of it but I am loving the framing .....why, you even framed the "clean" pissoir!!!! :DDD