I don't think we'll be seeing as many construction projects this year as we did in the recent past.

Poles as seen in the photo are used to define the edges of proposed buildings (the Bauprofile) and putting them up is one part of the process of getting approval for projects. The plans have to be submitted to the village building commission and they are then made available to the village residents - who have the right to launch complaints against them - to peruse.



wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

When will we see your owen poles ?
You wouldn't shot such wonderful pictures if you wouldn't like the sceneries.


Julie said...

Any significance to the arrow shape, Z?

Rambling Round said...

Interesting poles and quite a process to build.

Peter (Worldman): said...

Hello Z,

Thank you for visiting my blog. As all of us, I am busy winding up the last year (a bit late, but never for income tax) and preparing the new one (late too, as it has started already). But I took some time to glance at your blog and I find it great, interesting and also amusing. I certainly will come back.

Es Guets Neuis.


claude said...

It seems a lot of construction in Switzerland. Over here that is the same. Everytime we drive we can see many new houses.

mkhansen said...

I love the way you composed this one.

The poles are an excellent idea, and I wish we had something similar in my town. It is good even for the one doing the proposing to get an idea of the effect.

Z said...

Wellingtonia: Ein bisschen Geduld! :-)

Julie: Yes, indeed. AFAIK, they define the roof profile. For flat- roofed buildings it would have a different shape. For example, see this photo from a blog documenting the construction of a house in a town not far from Villigen.

RR: The process can involve a good chunk of time, especially if there are objections.

Peter: So glad to see you here. I'll look forward to more visits.

Claude: A lot of new houses, and also a lot of renovations too. Those can be more difficult, especially if one has a significantly old house that's under protection for cultural/historical reasons.

mk: I agree. PS So far the square is working out for me, though I don't really have any grand plans for it. Let's see how far I get. Thanks for your previous comments regarding the topic: always appreciated.