Bimbo slide

Referring to the original meaning of the word (or the word as it is still used in Italian, I think). I wish we could 'take back' certain words.

Link to the manufacturer's website here.



Baron's Life said...

Wonderful picture.
Do you know what Bimbo means in America?

Conchscooter said...

Flavorless, white, long life, bread in Mexico is called Bimbo much to the amusement of travelers. Which has nothing to do with anything but there we are. So why didn't they put "Kind" on the slide one wonders?

Halcyon said...

This is the best one yet!

Julie said...

That looks like a pretty tough surface to come off the slide onto! As for the name, in this case I guess it is just a name rather than a word.

But yes, some words should be taken back as soon as they form in the brain and not spoken at all.

wellingtonia said...


Word's and there meaning are random.
For children bimbo is the little elephant from the comic's !
Funny world.


Kris said...

Don't go down this one then if you're a busty blonde in a short skirt.