Winter morning sunshine III

Most Christmas decorations started to go up on the 1st of December. The Christmas-y hens are advertising eggs for sale. The chicken abode is just across the street from the house. Related posts:
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claude said...

Hens have a really nice house. Over here that will be very good if only one sunray lights up my house and garden and warms my heart up.

Hope said...

The hen Christmas decorations are very cute and a clever way to advertise the fresh eggs.

I really like the olive green shutters on this house. All of your window and door photos are so nice to look at. As always, I enjoy visiting your blog!

Julie said...

I agree with the windows and doors comment. The shutters here appear to be welcoming us with open arms. I like the capture of the morning sun - it promises so much!

Is that a Christmas decoration on the door? It looks like a giant beetle to me!

mkhansen said...

I'm enjoying these winter morning sunshine posts. The light is perfect. I'm a late sleeper, and prefer my early mornings in photographs!

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Must be an old house - the "hennhouse".
The bow's over the window's and entrancedoor are tipical for houses wich are builted around 1800.
The decoration on the door are branches from a pine and Christmas tinsel.


Z said...

Claude: You're missing the sun too?

Hope: Thank you! I'm happy that you like it.

Julie: The photographer is probably to blame for the 'beetle'. :-)

mk: Hm, 'early' morning in this photo is about 9:00 am!

Wellingtonia: Thank you for the information on the house. There's a wood half attached to the right of this: the building must have been a farmhouse and the animals and hay were put in the wood section. Now there are apartments there.