Fountain 1696

One of the fountains in the old town area of Brugg. The design on the shields is the emblem of Brugg, showing the tower and the old bridge. Related posts here: Red locomotive and here: The tower and the bridge.

Location: Spiegelgasse.



istanbuldailyphoto said...

Images decorated a fountain. Is Wonderful! Greetings.

Karen said...

How lovely and,again, the colors are beautiful.

Today is our day of Thanksgiving here in the US so thanks for your blog. It brightens my day.

Andreas said...

Fascinating fountain! I've been in Brugg quite a few times but somehow I've missed this.

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

In Basel I now the places.
But in Brugg - you do.
Why the fountain's - not the plant's and flower.
It's an architect - not a gardener.


Moi said...

that's a beautiful emblem.....and "the tower and the bridge" post is such a beautiful rendition of it ....