Snow, berries and grating

My favorite part of this photo is the focussing effect of the droplet.

20081030 Nikon Coolpix 950


Snapper said...

The droplet is beautiful and the red really pops. Cheers!

Julie said...

Oh, yeah! Ha! How good is that! I guess that could be explained by my son with physics ... let's not listen to him. It is just totally beautiful, Z.

Halcyon said...

A lovely macro shop! Love the contrast between the berries and the snow.

Julie said...

Yesterday I received the KREATIV BLOGGER award from Diederick at Aronaeveryday and consequenly have the right to nominate 6 further blogs for this award. It is with pleasure that I nominate you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. My 6 nominations are linked on my blog and there is a certificate that is yours should you wish to participate in this award. Your blog gives me pleasure and ideas and I appreciate and value your efforts.

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Nice plant !!
Skimmia japonica subsp. reevesiana
The flowers are white and it's an green the whole year.
Comes from China or Taiwan (the garden center).


Z said...

Thank you all for your comments!

Julie: But physics is fun and enhances the overall experience! Thank you so much for the award, but I'm going to be a party pooper and not forward it on... I hope you don't mind terribly! I would like to say that I treasure your visits and comments and I get a lot out of your Sydney haiku blog.

Wellingtonia: The leaves of the Skimmia japonica subsp. reevesiana look much bigger than the berries in comparison to the ones in my photo. I think the ones in my photo could be Cotoneaster Dammeri Coral Beauty or something similar.

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Is this cotoneaster your plant ?
Be careful with it.
It is one of the dangerest plants for the "Feuerbrand".
Cotoneaster can be a host plant to that bacterial killer of appel-, pear- and other fruittrees.


Z said...

Wellingtonia: No, we rent an apartment on the 2nd floor so we have no garden. If we ever do have a garden, we'll stay away from Cotoneaster!

Kris said...

That is an amazing shot. Well captured.

Moi said...

i agree and i like the reds too :)