First snow of 2008

More like ice in this photo.

20081030 Nikon Coolpix 950


Tanya said...

Snow already?!! Keep warm :)

Hyde DP said...

we've had hail and also a few frosty morning - certainly some snow in other parts of the UK - I'm hoping it will keep away for a while.

Halcyon said...

Snow and ice... don't like those!

Julie said...

*grin* ... we are entering summer and it is tipped to be 36 today. Thought you needed to know this.

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Crunched ice on a grapes floor.
Nice picture and stillife of Autumn.


Tash said...

Lovely picture - like a jewel.
Thx for the link to Rigi w/ crocuses - it was grand to see that again.

claude said...

We got the first snowflake yesterday morning. Winter is very early this year.

Z said...

Well, most of the snow is gone as I write this.

Wellingtonia: Do you know what the background of the photo is? It's the barrier wall made of wood logs around the area where our containers for garbage and compost are stored. We had ivy growing over it but that has been removed and the twig-like things are the remnants of the vines. I don't think I did a good job of explaining it..

wellingtonai said...

Hi Z

I had a problem with the expression
wood logs.
In the contest - these are planks.
With them their made a wooden wall.
The nice green overlay on the wood is moos. Do you see the wood goes to the roots.
Or in other words - nature will survive.


Z said...

Hello Wellingtonia!

Images can be deceiving. Here's my response based on what I think you're saying:

The word plank refers to an object with a rectangular cross-section; a flat object. For example, see here (dictionary.com). The object in the photo, a Palisade it might be called in German, is made of timber with round cross-section, like logs (Baumstamm?). Perhaps I should have used the word 'post' instead. Anyway, all the photos I took during this session are close-ups, but I've uploaded two more photos here so that you can see the roundness of the wood posts or logs, and what the whole thing looked like before the ivy was removed from it. The gap in the wood is a crack (Spalte/Ritze). By the way, what do you mean by "the wood goes to the roots".

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

There is a kind of grape plant that grow's over the wood logs (on your Tset's Blog picture).
It's a wild form of grape's.
That one on your blog picture is the new coming up.
Thera are sticky disc's to fix the plant on a wall or the bark of a tree. In Autumn the leaves are yellow to red.
Ivy has sticky roots to climb up on a wall.
The leaves are green the whole year.
Back to the roots means - wood is an organic material.
Sooner or later it goes back to the natural circulation.


Z said...

Wellingtonia: I see now, that was not ivy on the logs. I hadn't thought of grape, never having seen any grape plants in the US where I lived before, and the ones I see here all seem to be supported on wires or such with the help of human intervention so I never knew how they hang onto things. Now I know!

Moi said...

it's a beautiful image........but like most of the other fellow-commentors, "snow already??????" :D