Red seeds

I do not know what these are.



Local Insider said...

Hi Z, at a first glimpse I'd say it's a "European Spindle (Euonymus europaeus)". Interesting remark in Wikipedia: "European Spindle wood is very hard, and can be cut to a very sharp point; it was used in the past for making spindles for spinning wool."

Rambling Round said...

Do pomegranates grow there? That's what it sort of looks like to me.

Tanya said...

I don't know but when I see red seeds I always think of the quote from the goat lady in Cold Mountain, which sums it up quite well!

Halcyon said...

They are pretty. I like anything that is red. :)

Lothiane said...

I don't know what they are either, but it's a lovely colour. They light up the autumn!

Z said...

Insider: Thank you! You've got it.

RR: Insider has the answer.

Tanya: I don't remember the quote. A quick Google search didn't help either.

Halcyon: You're easy to please!

Lothiane: I like how you put it.