Week 8: Park Innovaare

I've mentioned the PSI many times before -- the Paul Scherrer Institute, which is the largest Swiss public research facility. It is a couple of kilometers down the road from the center of Villigen.

Recently, a chapter of the Swiss Innovation Park was approved next to the PSI. It is a public-private effort

to unite cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial innovation. (Source: http://www.axpo.com/axpo/ch/en/engagement/innovation/innovaare.html)

A few start-up companies have already signed on. Construction on the main site has not started yet, but when all is said and done, some scenes such as the one in this photo [http://basedinvilligen.blogspot.ch/2013/08/grazing-cows.html] will be replaced by buildings and, ahem, nerds.

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