Little lambs

These lambs are too cute to image as chops. At least they seem to have a good life while they can.


A Lady's Life said...

poor babies

Greg said...

I think black sheep actually do pretty good. Their wool is pretty valuable, so I think they get a lifespan of around four years or so.

BTW, nice to see you back blogging again.

blogger tset said...

Lady's Life: I don't know if you're a vegetarian or, even better, a vegan person, but for people who do eat meat, raising cute animals for food is going to be the norm for the foreseeable future. The least that we can do is make sure they have a good life while they're alive, not in cages or feed lots or otherwise abused that is the norm for factory farming. Those animals are the ones that are poor babies.

Greg: Nice to see you here! Do you know where the wool ends up? There can't be much of it, and I would be interested in learning about it.

Greg said...

I think most of the wool ends up being woven in whatever village it is produced in. I have a black sheepskin on the floor at home, and it is very nice. However, it looks like it is from a older sheep. The wool on it isn't as fine and soft as that from a younger sheep.

I'll have to ask the next time I get a chance.