zur Hirschen: Truth in advertising

Restaurant Hirschen has had several changes in chefs and management scheme, something like four times since we moved here about eight years ago. We really liked the first version in 2005, but didn't care much for the intermediate ones. Now, we like it again. A young local woman, Nadja Schuler, who trained as a chef has taken over with her sister and a couple of her friends and they do a good job. They've also made a lovely outdoor seating arrangement in front, unforunately they can't do much about the annoying motorcyclists without decent mufflers who zoom along Hauptstrasse.

I find the dishes a tad on the heavy side, so it's not a place we go to more than a couple of times a year. Not that we're not warned: check out the bugged-out eyes on the guy with the beer belly weighing himself. 

Hirschen's website can be accessed by clicking here. They still also have the couple of rooms for rent should you need a place to stay. 

Ms. Schuler has had some coverage in the gastronomy magazines (in German): 
Hotel und Gastro Union 2008
On when they ran "Utenberg" in Luzern
Best of Swiss Gastro 2013 (combination of an expert jury and regular diners)
Newspaper coverage of the Best of Swiss Gastro 2013 win
Saison 2013.  


Stan said...

I just discovered your blog because I will be visiting Villigen next month. Thanks for the pictures and brief stories!

Z said...

Hello Stan, Thanks for saying hello! Hope you have a good visit.

Stan said...

Thanks, I hope I can see one of those cat ladders, I found them adorable.