Men in funny pants

There are a couple of topics of interest here.

1. In Switzerland it is possible to buy hard-boiled eggs in the grocery stores year-round. They're called Piknik-Eier -- picnic eggs -- in the German-speaking parts.

I mention year-round, because in some countries, during Easter, such eggs are available for sale. I'm curious to know in which countries one can buy hard-boiled eggs all the time -- are you in such a country? Drop me a note if you are, or know such countries.

2. Now about the stickers on the eggs. These eggs are advertising the upcoming Schwingen festival which takes place once every three years. Schwingen is Swiss-style wrestling, which is also called Hoselupf, literally pants-raising. And that brings us to the funny pants in the title. The participants wear "wrestling pants", over their normal clothes, and it is the belt on these pants that have to be used to bring down the opponent.

Turns out that there are also Schwingen competitions held in the San Joaquin valley, in Ripon, California.

For technical details, visit the Wikipedia page:

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A Lady's Life said...

many hotels here have hard boiled eggs as part of their free breakfast.
but many stores also sell hard boiled eggs in jars. already peeled though.
in water??? I don't know cause I never bought any.