Embracing the fog

A not-so-nice aspect of Villigen is the fog that hangs around on fall and winter mornings. This year I'm going to try to capture the photographic possibilities and maybe that will make it less depressing.

The explanation of why this area is so plagued by fog appears to be our proximity to the confluence of the three rivers, the Limmat (from Zürich), the Reuss (from the Gotthard, via Lucerne) and the Aare (from Bern). They join together near Brugg and then flow as the Aare into the Rhine (from Graubünden) before entering Germany on its way to the North Sea in the Netherlands.

Upon merging near Brugg, the water flow reaches 555 m³ per second (it ain't no Mississippi!). The area is called The Wasserschloss. About 40% of the entire area of Switzerland drains here. In 1989 the people of our canton (Aargau) voted to preserve and support this floodplain which provides habitat for many creatures and plants. A bonus for us are the many nice park areas for all to enjoy.

Some of my older posts about this topic are filed under the label "wasserschloss schweiz".

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