Stein am Rhein "No e Wili" house

One of my Swiss readers will have to tell us about the "No e Wili" story from 1478.



Conchscooter said...

Right, jolly good. Lacking any Teutonic takers I will give it the old college try (in English).No e wili has nothing to do with private parts it means "A Little While Longer" which is a play performed to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the town of Steim am Rhein.
Do I get the prize?

Z said...

What do you know about the play? There is a play involved, as to the other bits, I can't say.

A gold star for the good attempt!

Local Insider said...

Glad to be of help:


by the way: it's brilliant! The settings, the play itself, the dedication and motivation of the players ... 2007 was the last time - not yet published when the next time will be.