Lenzburg castle right

The oldest part of this castle dates back to 1100. However, the hill itself held a burial ground from the Neolithic (ca 5000 BC) period. Between 1860 and 1956 the castle was bought and sold several times. From 1893 to 1956 it was owned by members of an American family originally from Ohio.

Link to the Wikipedia entry (in English) about the castle.
Link to rough Wikipedia entry about James Ellsworth, the American owner.



Janet M Kincaid said...

Nice photo. Looks like a great place to visit. I was hoping to go to Avenches, CH today, but the weather may not permit it.

Hilda said...

Fascinating history! I almost can't imagine anyone (who's not royalty, that is) owning a castle, and as late as 1956! Your photos of it are lovely.

Z said...

Hi Janet, nice to hear from you. We've been meaning to go to the summer opera thing in Avenches, but haven't made it yet. We made a short visit a few years ago in the spring and it was very quiet...

Hilda: Glad you've enjoyed the (hi)story.