Chur Kunstlicht 0

While rooting through my folders I found this older shot of the same shop as in yesterday's post. I thought it might be interesting to compare.

20081009 Canon PowerShot something or the other


Kris said...

This one is a beauty!

Conchscooter said...

Yes, this is a beauty unlike the previous kunstlicht.
Er... do they change window displays in Switzerland or is this place a front for laundering US Bonds?

Z said...

Kris: It's the summer sunlight.

Conch: You are too weird. What can you mean by the window displays comment?

Conchscooter said...

You showed the other picture and said this was a picture from a while ago, yet the window displays appear to be the same. I find the appreciation of the obvious to be tedious (if it isn't a nice picture I won't say so! Grant me manners at least!) but I do actually read the captions and think about them.
So I study the two nice pictures and see no difference at all. So I wonder, what would Conrad, Buchan, Maugham, or Greene make of a store in Chur that never changed it's display... all I can come up with is either a)it's a boutique for a rich bored owner or b) it is a front for something sinister and suitably Swiss in the style of a between the wars Boys Own Annual.
Or, I could say "Nice Picture!" and wonder why I left a comment at all.
Weird? Maybe but the alternative is to be...what? No one else even tries to step outside the tedium of daily platitudes on your blog. I am harmless.

Z said...

Conch: Thanks for explaining; if I had explained my OWN comment better, you wouldn't have had to, so sorry for that. Did you click on the two photos to enlarge them? You should find that the lamps are, in fact, different. One quick example: in the later shot, there's a sort of a ragged-edged oblate spherical lamp. Looks like an eggshell. In the earlier photo there's a "common" floorlamp, and also a chrome multi-head thingy next to it in the same area. Can you see these? If you like, I can make up a composite of the two windows side-by-side when I have a little more time.

I didn't mean to attack you -- and I do appreciate the thought you put into your comments (though some might go over my head, if I don't have the context).

Bill said...

I wouldn't take that silly comment from Conchwhathisname to heart. Of course both pictures are quite different. I always believe that if you have nothing positive to say, don't say anything at all.