Web with water droplets

As the fog rolled in last evening I noticed this web outside the kitchen window. I had already set up the tripod to photograph the crescent moon (failed attempt because the fog obscured it within seconds of my getting the camera ready) so I just moved it to the other side and took this photo. I've desaturated the image to remove the strident pumpkin coloring imparted by the sodium street lamps.



Kate said...

Wonderful image and great job of presenting it!

Antjas said...

This is magnificent. What a stroke of luck.

ilcuoco1970 said...

Ein wahnsinns Foto.
Liebe z weiter so. Es ist einfach schön Deine Bilder zu betrachten.
Das mit dem Mond wäre sicher auch sehr schön geworden.
Aber der Nebel kam schon grad sehr schnell gestern..

Virginia said...

I know I don't get here enough when I see such magnificent photographs as this. How stunning. V

Z said...

Kate: Nice to see you again. Thanks for kind words.

Antjas: This is a lesson in going ahead and attempting a shot even if it doesn't look promising. I wasn't sure the camera would be able to focus, and it isn't until I load the photos onto the computer that I can even tell, so it was a "shot in the dark" so to speak, and it worked!

ilcuoco: Danke dir! Zurzeit habe ich wenig Zeit zu fotographieren und mit dem Nebel und kurzer Tageslicht ist es schon schwieriger. Aber mann kann etwas finden, wenn mann sucht. :-)

Virginia: Thank you! *Blush*