Geraniums on a Brunnentrog

Around here, a (der) Trog describes a trough-like object and if it has a drainage hole in it, it is often called a Brunnentrog (der Brunnen can be a spring, a fountain, a well or even a standpipe).

Maybe I should think about doing a "German/Swiss-German word a day" feature.



Local Insider said...

Amazing, Tset - how you happened to find an unknown "brunnen" in a place called the "village of fountains" (9 public fountains and serveral dozens private ones) ... interesting fact: some of our public fountains are more than 400 years old!

Link: http://www.villigen.ch/portrait/zum-geleit/bernerzeit.html

Susanne49 said...

And there will be a lot of those Swiss-German-Swiss words in Schwyzerduetsch ;)

The picture is great!! So typisch schwizerisch :)