Excursion: Münster VIII

The house from day before yesterday, seen a little more closely. I was prompted to post this following Julie's remark about the siding material. These look like "rund" (round) Schindeln, usually made from larch or spruce.



Julie said...

Goodness gracious me! How absolutely astounding.

So ... how is it applied? Does it come in large sheets that are nailed on a wooden house frame? Surely they are not applied one at a time, by hand, in situ ... nononononono .... surely not.

Amazing how warm that appears to be.

Sean said...

I have seen a few like this around here... dont particularly like it but then I guess most of the houses are pretty old so in their defence are probably in need of some upkeep. I agree with Julie though, it is rather strange... do you suppose you should "varnish" or "oil" your house for maintenance?