This hill is mine

The king of the hill. My reader Andreas alerted me to the fact that excavator I had shown a few days ago is a rather special beast. To be honest, I hadn't really thought much about these things before (especially as a flatlander) but after learning a little more about them I have to admit that I find these Menzi Muck creations quite fascinating. Pictured here is the A61, the smallest all-rounder of the Muck line. The name is from a jack-of-all-trades character in a Swiss fairy tale but it seems to me they're also quite the muckity-muck (definition here) amongst excavators.

Check out this clip of the A91 working on a steep slope:



Kate said...

You have some of the most interesting machines on your blog! Thanks for identifying the hay raking machine for me.

claude said...

Very interestin engine. the view from it is very impressive.

AB said...

Another fine example of ingenious Swiss engineering!