Second bloom

This is an old photograph from earlier this year, but in fact, the wisteria is blooming again around the village. I had been asked back in the spring how long they bloomed, and I didn't have the answer then.



arabesque said...

love the violets...^0^

Antjas said...

How lucky for you and Villigen.

m_m said...

I was not here, at your blog, for several days and now I see that you posted absolutely amazing photos in that time!

I love the 'mountainous' photos and the all details in other pisc.

Gorgeous work!


Rambling Round said...

Interesting that the wisteria is back in bloom! Enjoy it.

Paty said...

beautiful picture, it looks like an impressionist painting! i wish i had wisterias in my are, they´re so pretty!

wellingtonia said...

Hi Paty

Do you know how strong the wisteria grows up.
It cames up to a strongness like a tree.
This type of plant can damage the construction of your house.


Angela Robak said...

I absolutely adore your sight and your insight! Thank you for finding and sharing the interesting simplicity (your) life has to offer!!

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

Wisteria has two bloomings.
See on Wiki: