Zur blauen Gilge

What Gilge is, I have not been able to find. From the image I would guess a spear, or a spearhead.



AB said...

A nice typical sign, perfect for your square format.

Wulf said...

What language would it be, I wonder. A dialect of German. Maybe Romansh? My guess, and this is pure hunch, is that gilge means something like "lily", not "spear".

wellingtonia said...

He Z

It means the blue lily on the heraldic.
It's old expression to this flower.


Z said...

AB: 'Tis a bit wonky though...

Wulf: Wellingtonia has provided us with the meaning. Good guess on your part!

Wellingtonia: Thank you! I thought the fleur-de-lis design was very prominent, but wasn't sure that was what was meant.