Villigen landscape with greenhouse

I know some of you (you know who you are) are pining for photos of the crops around Villigen. So here you are. Also visible in the photo are the vineyards on the hill.

20090529 Nikon Coolpix 990


AB said...

So it is not just Heidi with her cows in the mountain pastures. You have high-tech, intensive farming, too!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I for one am enjoying the view of the farmscape.

Baron's Life said...

The landscape is great

Dina said...

Hello again.
Greenhouse! I never saw one in Switzerland. This is of glass, yes? (Our in Israel are of flexible nylon sheeting.)
Enjoy your Swiss summer!

Z said...

The greenhouse is owned by Schwarz and is used to raise organic (called bio here) seedlings that are sold all over Switzerland.

Dina: I think it's probably some kind of plastic rather than glass, but I don't know for sure. Thank you for your summer wishes. I think I shall :-)