Two villages

Rüfenach in the foreground, Remigen in the back. If you can make out the little white chapel, I've shown it here before:
20080508 The chapel in Remigen



AB said...

The greenhouses look pretty incongruous.

Kate said...

Is the white structure indeed a greenhouse? I couldn't quite decide what it is; guess I'll try to maximize it to get a closer look. I like the long-range look at the village.

Hilda said...

That's interesting — just one field separating them and they're different villages already.

Wonderful view!

Julie said...

Look like greenhouses and market gardens to me. Flowers perhaps ?

Z said...

AB: I'm used to them, and used to thinking of them as part of the farming process. I notice them of course, but I also notice the barns and the silos.

Kate: Yes, it is.

Hilda: Traditionally the zoning laws were/are very strictly enforced. Something I like a lot as it discourages sprawl.

Julie: Thank you for introducing me to the phrase 'market garden'. Somehow I hadn't come across it until now. I think fruit and vegetables are right, but not so much flowers.