Stand off

One of the public chess sets in Bern. The cigarette stubs serve as an indication of scale.



Shaun said...

I wonder if you can think strategically while lugging your pieces from one spot to the next... look pretty nice though.

Leif Hagen said...

Wer spielt Schach? Very lovely photo. I can imagine playing chess out in the park. Wo liegt Villigen genau? In der Nahe von St. Moritz? Herzliche GruBe von EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

Z said...

Shaun: Interesting question. Never thought of the effect the type of physical manifestation might have on the thought process.

Leif: Villigen is north-west of ZH (opposite to St. Moritz). About 35 km driving. When do you visit CH?

AB said...

Bern! We are seeing quite a bit of Switzerland.

From this perspective the pieces seem almost too big to move. Nice shot.

A Lady's Life said...

There must be a balcony to look at the pieces to know where to move them.
Do people ever play this way? is there a chess board?

Z said...

AB: I hope you and the others don't mind that I don't limit myself to Villigen.

Lady: There is a board marked on the ground (difficult to see from the angle of this photo). And yes, people do play with these. Here are some old posts from this blog with pictures of other sets, some around Villigen. Click here.