Locomotive 7 on Rigi

Ah, summertime in Switzerland! The region around the Vierwaldstättersee (lake Lucerne to many of us) is full of delights. One of them is a trip up to the top of Rigi (the queen of the mountains) on the cog railway. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Transportation Museum (link) in Lucerne. As part of the celebrations this old steam locomotive from 1873 has been pressed into service and will be plying up and down the mountain from Vitznau to Rigi-Kulm until September. More information at this site: Rigi Bahnen (in English)

Trivia: Locomotive No. 7 operated on Rigi from 1873 to 1937. Maximum speed 7 km/h. Maximum power 88.2 kW. The first locomotive built by the Winterthur locomotive factory for the first cog railroad in Europe.



Ioanna said...

Ho, I like locomotives!!! Wonderful idea!

Hilda said...

7km an hour on an historic locomotive — a lovely, leisurely way to make the trip! I would love to take it, if I were anywhere near there!

Baron's Life said...

My Friend Peter would love this shot...I'll have to tell him to take a look
Good job with the Loco

Jacob said...

1873? Omigod! What a cutie, though. I'd love to take that trip.

Beautiful photograph!

AB said...

What a wonderful old vehicle. It makes your want to get dressed up in a Victorian outfit and take a picnic basket to the top of Rigi.

Z said...

Hi everyone! There were several of these vintage machines around but I didn't know the significance of them (the 50th anniversary of the museum) until I started to look stuff up for yesterday's blog post.

AB: There's one saloon car called Belle Epoque where your idea would fit in superbly.